March 4, 2016

Why SwiftRM?

Replacing Complexity with Simplicity

Dynamics CRM comes equipped with thousands of fields out of the box but most users only use a small portion of them to successfully manage their relationships.  By limiting the available entities to Accounts, Contacts, Activities, and one Custom Entity, we transform Dynamics CRM into a simpler product for the end-user.

Speed to Value – Up and Running in 3 days!

Relationship management solutions have become standard practice for businesses today, and the incredible growth rate of CRM adoption will continue. Rely on SwiftRM’s rapid deployment to keep you from being left behind; have your team up and running and confidently managing valuable business relationships in just 3 days. Backed by over a decade of CRM experience, we apply our expertise to guarantee a swift, fully installed solution that meets your unique requirements.

Tailored to Your Business

On top of satisfying the ‘need it yesterday’ mentality of the modern workplace, SwiftRM is configured in a ’made-to-order’ fashion for each and every company. You benefit from getting enough functionality to manage your relationships with the right amount of personalization to ensure it fits your business needs to a tee.

Easy on the Budget, Big on the Power

With no up-front implementation fees, SwiftRM is a highly affordable option and packed with enough strength to improve both customer experience and business results.  You get the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM – backed by billions of dollars of research and development – for as little as $10 per user, per month. Because it’s in the cloud you’ll also save on IT costs, get industry-leading security, always be up-to-date, and have anywhere, anytime access to SwiftRM.